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Violence Against Women – Facts from Around the World

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

16 FACTS for 16 DAYS of activism for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25th Nov -10th Dec)

FGM: 130 MILLION girls in the world have undergone female genital mutilation – each year another 2 million join them

RAPE CONVICTIONS: Convictions for rape very low e.g. Argentina 6-10%, South Africa 9%, UK (7%)

RAPE WEAPON OF WAR: Rape is used as a weapon of war, for example,  DRC’s South Kivu province estimate that 40 women are raped in the region every day

EGYPT: 47% of honour killings were because of the women had been raped – so she becomes a victim twice!

US: 23 women killed every week and 700 000 raped every year

INDIA: 98 women are murdered a week by their husband or his family

RUSSIA: 32% of all murders are women killed by domestic violence – 36 000 women beaten everyday by husband or partner

PAKISTAN: 3 women a day murdered by honour killings and 70% of women in police custody are subjected to physical & sexual abuse

UK: One incident of domestic violence reported every minute accounting for
16% of all crime

ISRAEL: 200 000 women suffer domestic violence every year

SOUTH AFRICA: a woman is raped every 83 seconds

KUWAIT: Honour killings treated as a misdemeanor (not criminal acts).

SUDAN: Rape victims have been prosecuted for adultery and prosecutions for rapists non existent

BRAZIL: 72% of murdered women are killed by a relative or friend

BANGLADESH: 50% of all murders are of women by their husbands

AFGHANISTAN: 1 in every 3 Afghan women experience physical, psychological or sexual violence