Feminism is the light in the darkness of patriarchy – Quotes by Shaista Gohir


Our beliefs and principles are what define us. Never give them up for anyone! – Shaista Gohir


Feminism is the light in the darkness of patriarchy – Shaista Gohir

Islamic feminism is not about changing God’s words but about bringing attention to them – Shaista Gohir

Muslim women have the right to evaluate what they are told – we have been in the darkness about our rights for too long – Shaista Gohir

Islamic feminism is needed because Muslim societies expect women to take responsibility for men’s desires – Shaista Gohir

Women’s Power

Women have the power to control the world from the outside with their votes & purchasing power – Shaista Gohir

The next emerging powerful emerging economy is not a country but women – Shaista Gohir

Women must not be scared of men’s ‘war of words’ – Shaista Gohir


I will hold on to the rope of Allah while others hold on to the robes of clerics – Shaista Gohir

Men  play God with women’s lives without any fear from the Almighty and hold us hostage to their version of Islam – Shaista Gohir

No matter how respected scholars are from past to present, their words are not protected from error; they are only telling us what they think God means –  Shaista Gohir

Because of the anti-women narrations it contains, the hadith has become a manual for the enslavement of women – Shaista Gohir

Reviewing religious texts does not mean changing text, it means reviewing our understanding of it – Shaista Gohir

Women have every right to carry out our own rational investigation of religious sources – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – Shaista Gohir

Religious clerics create fear, men exploit fear but women should only fear Allah – Shaista Gohir


Men want to keep us powerless and voiceless so we do not challenge them and it is really up to us to change it that – Shaista Gohir

Muslim communities and societies will not prosper until they give women their dignity – Shaista Gohir

Women will need to challenge the status quo  and push boundaries, if they want a better future for their daughters and future generations of women – Shaista Gohir

When you are caught in a patriarchal system of lies – it takes courage to tell the truth but also to accept the truth – Shaista Gohir

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